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New SDK request

It would be nice if there was some method to have a fast scrolling object list. I've been trying to come up with one but to no avail. If you hold one of the remote keys down you get about 7 clicks a second but there is no way to move the screen that fast to produce a scrolling list.

My channel is user content driven and some objects could generate over 10000 entries. Breaking it down with the search screen could still leave a lengthy list that the user has to page through instead of scrolling. And if the search screen would leave the focus where the user pressed the last button, it could make the paging easier.

If anyone knows of a way to get a fast scrolling list, could you let me know ?
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Re: New SDK request


For now, it's best to limit the size of the lists you pass to the screen. You should definitely limit the number of elements passed to SetContentList() to less that 100. 10000 would be way too many.

You could code the search screen behavior you are suggesting. It's a matter of controlling the lists your server is returning in response to the search and use the SetContentList() and SetFocusedListItem() calls on the PosterScreen to do the navigation.

In the v2.7 SDK (coming soon), we are adding some paging methods to the Grid component to help the GUI be more responsive in handling large content libraries.

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Level 7

Re: New SDK request

In case you are interested, the actual repeat times we witnessed are (in seconds) .5, .4, .3, .2 and .1 thereafter, when holding the button down. Those are approximate times, as he actual time could be up to 20 ms later than that.

We used an acceleration technique in our app such that the time between button events was tracked, and if it took less than 0.2 seconds more than a few times in a row, we changed the movement amount until the delay took longer than that.

It would be wonderful if there was an app or component specific way to toggle how remote events are received.
-- GandK Labs
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