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Network access disabled - error code


We have two Roku devices:
- Roku Premiere - 9.0.0., Build 4142
- Roku Stick 3500EU -  9.1.0, Build 4111

If I turn off Network Access (Settings / System / Advanced system settings / Control by mobile apps) on both devices and then open the following address in my browser "http://IP:8060/query/device-info", I will get different HTTP errors.

Roku Premiere returns 403, however, Roku Stick returns 401.

I am aware of different system version on each device, however, I would expect the same error code since it is the same use case.
Was there any change in the latest system version?

Thank you.

Best Regards,
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Network access disabled error code

thats very odd. the simple static ip and the pulling of the network info is the same code. so why it is working in one and not the other is very strange.

What version of windows are you on? and what version spf do you have?

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Re: Network access disabled - error code

We have tested it on several PCs with Windows 10.
I do not think that it is related to any set up on our side, it seems like a bug in Roku OS.

What do you mean by "spf"?
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