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Level 7

Need help integrating videoplayer and registration examples

Need help on integrating videplayer example and registration screen.
Can anyone provide code example where to add in video player example to show registration screen when user first enter the channel.
Once registered, next time it should not show the registration screen, it should check that user is already registered (not sure if ROKU sends a getresultcode to check with the backend or does roku used the information it stores locally.)

Appreciate any pointers.
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Level 9

Re: Need help integrating videoplayer and registration examples

As part of the registration process, you would save the device service token in the registry. Your code then checks this registry value to see if you are registered or not to determine whether to show the registration screen.

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Level 7

Re: Need help integrating videoplayer and registration examp

I have been playing with the registration and video player example too and its doing nothing but stalling in the channel store.

even when i click on it it just sits there. Obviously i did something wring.

any help would be appreciated. I can do the PHP for the back end but this brightscript is a bit confusing
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