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My new channel - feedback requested - trying to get approved

I created a new channel for ROKU, hoping to get it approved and added to their channel line up.

If any developers or anyone at ROKU can give me some feedback on the channel so I can hopefully make changes and get the channel approved to be added into the public channel lineup I would really accept it.

So far I have had about 16,000 downloads in iTunes but I developed the show for ROKU, so I am trying to get it approved. The feedback I have received from viewers has been great and I am hoping with some changes that it will get into the public line up.

The channel is called: Make Money Online Network and the premiere show is 'Your Boss Blows'

The video episodes up right now mainly give my background information and a couple methods to get started with making money online. In upcoming shows I am going to have step-by-step tutorials on how to get hosting, create a website, affiliate marketing and more.

Thank you for your time!

Bryan Knowlton

channel: mmon
validation code: CBUXF
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Re: My new channel - feedback requested - trying to get appr

That channel sounds awesome!
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Re: My new channel - feedback requested - trying to get appr

I originally thought it was a great channel and spent quite a bit of time developing it and getting the app developed. Spent quite a bit on development to include hardware, software, etc.... Few thousand hours... Lol...

But I can't get any feedback from ROKU on why the channel was not accepted and what I can change to get it accepted. I was thanked for being part of the roku development community and was advised I can keep it private and all that good stuff. But the whole reason I developed a show was to promote it on ROKU. I also am promoting ROKU on my website, to my viewers and itune followers.

At this point I wish ROKU would show me some love and help a brother out. I can make changes if I knew what to make.
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Re: My new channel - feedback requested - trying to get appr

Maybe they'll PM you a reason or give you some insight what to change to get it added. I hope the channel store isn't full because we're going to be submitting public channels soon - all (I think) of ours have been private so far.
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Re: My new channel - feedback requested - trying to get appr

Lets assume for the sake of argument, that it was not rejected because of the "your boss blows" description.
- On SDTV, the subtitle is so long that it is cut off on both left and right sides.
- the home screen icon needs to be reduced in size (but not in dimension) slightly so that their is a little room on the edges.
- I could be wrong, but I'm betting the white background on the main screen of your app is brighter than 235,235,235 RGB
- on SDTV, the overhang icon and text runs off the top edge of the screen, it is too large.

Clearly you put some time into the Video production aspects of this project, but it doesn't appear you put the same effort into making your Roku channel look good.

You should reread the Design Guidelines document in the Roku SDK.

The title of the channel might have had something to do with it...It is entirely possible that somebody thought the "your boss blows" title might be offensive to some people, after all terms like "blows" and "sucks" used to have a more sexual meaning before the Simpsons cartoon show changed the primary meaning into synonyms for the word "terrible".

You need to adjust the colors, make it look more professional, test on SDTV, reduce the size of your overhang graphics. I would suggest switching the list style on your main screen to "flat-category" or "arced-landscape" as well, it will look better.

- Joel
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Re: My new channel - feedback requested - trying to get appr

Thanks for that great feedback!

I will make those changes and maybe even get rid of the show description that includes the 'your boss blows'.

I am really a novice when it comes to the channel and will make those changes. It was very difficult to get the channel up and working, but I have a better understanding on how it works now.

I have noticed those problems with the images, so I will make sure to fix that and see if that helps.

Any additional feedback would be greatly appreciate, especially those that work for ROKU and handle new channel submissions since I can't seem to get any feedback on what should be changed.

Thanks again, I really appreciate your feedback.

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