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Looking to create internet radio channel

Greetings Team,

     Here is what I'm looking for.  I recently started an internet radio station that plays Christian music.  We have an android and iOS app already, but we would like to add a Roku channel.  We have a music license for broadcasting music legally.  We are a start-up station (just me and my best friend) and we are just trying to build up our listener base right now.

     The station is being hosted on a Shoutcast server, I just don't know how to get started on creating a Roku channel to be able to play our station.  We would like for the artist and title of the song, and maybe the album art to display as well.

     Can anyone point me in the direction to get started, or perhaps someone already has developed something like this and would be able to provide a template for building a channel.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I have been a longggggg time user of Roku's, back before they were Roku, when they were still the "Netflix Player" which was the first one I bought.  (there are currently 4 Roku's in our house) I've been involved in numerous beta programs over the years.  I'm just looking for some help to get a radio channel made for our station.

     Our website is   so you can verify that this is a legit request!

Thanks for taking the time to read!
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Re: Looking to create internet radio channel

Did you ever find out how to do it! Needing some help also!!

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Roku Guru

Re: Looking to create internet radio channel


Requires a bit of coding knowledge, similar to Wordpress building & hosting. You would either need to use a streaming provider who can supply an allowed format if you plan on being 'Live' or hosting the audio/video at a host like Brightcove or Vimeo.

If you're playing music you may need to watch who you choose as some flag it regardless if you have a license or not. 

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