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Login for my application

Hi, I need to develop Roku Channel that will have 2 input fields (textbox) for login. I already checked out the SDK examples but didn't find anything that would help me.

Can someone please help me and explain how could I create Login for my Channel.

It would work like this. User opens Channel and the Login screen appears, after he enters the login data (username and password) I will call a API that checks if the user data is correct. After successful login I will call a API that will return channels (live streams) for the logged in user via JSON response. After that I need to create screen with the list of those channels and categories of those channels.

I really hope someone can help me .

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Login for my application

Your best option for letting the user enter credentials is roKeyboardScreen.
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Re: Login for my application

It should also be noted that making a user type out their full username and password can be pretty cumbersome. You might want to consider the pairing method instead where a user is given a unique pair code by your API, and then while the user is already logged in on their account at the website, they enter that pair code and the association is made that way instead of having to type with the Roku remote
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Roku Guru

Re: Login for my application

As well as being cumbersome, it could present a huge security problem if your users are typing their credentials on a Roku screen, which gets sent to some server. Unlike with a web browser where you have some degree of assurance that a web page is sending data (encrypted) using "https", a Roku user has no assurance that anything typed on a Roku screen is not being sent over the internet in plain text over an unencrypted connection for the whole world to see. I for one would not trust any Roku channel that required me to enter my login credentials on a Roku screen.

Roku recommends what it calls "rendezvous style registration" and use of an roCodeRegistrationScreen to have the user authenticate themselves on their computer then enter a registration code on their Roku. Some web sites (Google/Youtube, etc.) use OAuth2 authentication which, if it's already implemented on the server side, is very easy to implement in a Roku client. I'm not even sure whether Roku would approve public channels that send unencrypted plain text login credentials, due to the security risks imposed.

Here are some links:

Developer Guide - Registration
Design Guidelines - Linking Screen
Component Reference - roCodeRegistrationScreen
Roku SDK Examples (see
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