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Level 7

Issue with roGridScreen - want to remove top padding

I am using code from 'simplegrid' demo app that comes with Roku sdk. When I use style of 'Flat-Landscape' or 'Flat-16x9' the first row begins almost midway on the screen.
Please see here - ... .jpg?raw=1 . I have not made any changes to the sample code of 'simplegrid'.
When I use 'Flat-Movie' it works as expected. First row begins without any unnecessary space on the screen. Can anyone please guide me how do i remove the space between overhand and the first row of the grid?
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Level 10

Re: Issue with roGridScreen - want to remove top padding

You can't. That's how the "flat" grid formats layout the screen. What I'll typically do, when appropriate, is add a menu row to the top, and set focus to the second row.
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