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Roku Employee

Is your PayPal address up to date?

Attention Developers: If you have a Roku Billed channel, please double check that you have a PayPal address set up in the developer portal. There have been some instances where the address has gone missing entirely (due to a system glitch). In other instances, developers have changed their paypal email address without updating the address in the developer portal or have typos in the PayPal.

Right now there are several developers who are not going to get paid this month unless they add their paypal address back in or update it.

 - Joel
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Re: Is your PayPal address up to date?

What would be a direct URL to that profile section?
My best guess:[/url:38d0sxv0] 
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Re: Is your PayPal address up to date?

I keep updating my PayPal information and each time it saves the information, but the system keeps saying it's not monetized.
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