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Level 9

Incorrect pricing in France

If I go to Manage My Channels and look at the pricing I see correct pricing for all regions except France.

It shows the following information:

Channel Store: FR
Purchase Price: 2,49 EUR
Net Price: 0,12 EUR
Your Proceeds: 0,09 EUR

While IE shows the correct pricing for EUR:

Channel Store: IE
Purchase Price: 2.49 EUR
Net Price: 2.06 EUR
Your Proceeds: 1.65 EUR

That's quite a difference.

Can someone from Roku please investigate.

I did highlight this issue before the store launched but no one got back to me!
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Level 10

Re: Incorrect pricing in France

It's those darn French taxes - Sacre Bleu! Smiley LOL
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Level 11

Re: Incorrect pricing in France

"Komag" wrote:
It's those darn French taxes - Sacre Bleu! Smiley LOL

Not really, no - that is an obvious error. VAT* = 20% in FR.

There are multiple things wrong in the picture above though (assuming for A and B that tier3 were correctly gross-priced at 2.49 €):

  1. Fiscal error for France: net should be 2.49/1.2 = 2.075 €, on which 80% cut is 1.66 €

  2. Fiscal error for Ireland: VAT in IE is 23%, hence net = 2.49/1.23 = 2.024 €, on which 80% cut is 1.62 €

  3. Pricing error for EU: RokuCo's gross (i.e. "VAT included") prices are too low at 0.79/1.59/2.49€ for tiers 1/2/3 - they should be bumped up by +20% to accommodate for VAT and become like Apple's 0.99/1.99/2.99€

Coincidently, i am waiting on RokuCo.'s answer to something closely related here viewtopic.php?f=34&t=88968#p505765

(*) VAT is the sales tax in EU; about 20% but may vary by country; calculated on top of net (not gross) price, just like sales tax in US - the difference between sales tax and VAT is in "value-added" treatment within resellers chain
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