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In App Purchases

I am doing monthly and yearly subscription in app purchases. Right now I need to hardcode the my brightscript code the in app purchase id for each when I query the store catalogue.

Is there a way to query the store catalogue for the Purchase Type? I see it in the table for the "Manage In-Channel Products," but the xml in the csfake does not include it.

Also, is there documentation on the types of attributes that you can pull out of the live In-Channel Products?

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Level 8

Re: In App Purchases

I wanted to follow up with this question in case any one stumbles onto it and is looking for the same thing Smiley Very Happy

You can look at the productType attribute to determine if the in-app product is a subscription. Monthly subscription has productType = "MonthlySub", Yearly subscriptions has productType = "YearlySub"

So you can do something like this ...

if item.productType = "MonthlySub" OR item.productType = "YearlySub"
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