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Roku Guru

Images not loaded, When I update a content in PosterGrid

I used Custom SGDex View in MainScene and Using the below code, I have opened the dialog box inside PostGrid. It's Extends With the Group node.

sub init()
m.postergrid ="PosterGrid") = GetAuthData("url")
m.readPosterGridTask = createObject("roSGNode", "ContentReader")
m.readPosterGridTask.contenturi = "http://" + + "/api/DefaultAPI/?file=GoForwards.xml" 
m.readPosterGridTask.observeField("content", "showpostergrid")
m.readPosterGridTask.control = "RUN"
end sub 
function OpenDialog()
m.dlg = createObject("roSGNode", "Dialog")
m.port = createObject("roMessagePort")
m.dlg.observeField("wasClosed", m.port)
m.dlg.title = "Menu"
m.dlg.buttons = ["ReverseOrder"]
m.dlg.observeField("buttonSelected", "onVerifyOptions")
m.dlg.getScene().dialog = m.dlg 
end function
function onVerifyOptions()
if m.dlg.getScene().dialog.buttonSelected = 0 then
?"onVerifyOption() :: 0 index"
m.readPosterGridTask.contenturi = "http://" + + "/api/DefaultAPI/?file=ReverseOrder.xml"
m.readPosterGridTask.observeField("content", "showpostergrid")
m.readPosterGridTask.control = "RUN"
m.dlg.getScene().dialog.close = true
end if
return true
end function
sub showpostergrid()
m.postergrid.content = m.readPosterGridTask.content
end sub

Inside a Dialog Box click to 0 indexes. I update the content like the above code. But, Here Image not loaded. After, I refresh Content Render. But, When Roku Set-top Box is going sleep mode. After I clicked Ok, It starts to load. I don't know why this is happening. the same thing, I check inside a scene node. It's working fine. But, Inside a Group node, I found this issue. Does anyone know about this issue?

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Roku Guru

Re: Images not loaded, When I refresh a content render in PosterGrid

At first, I thought this would be the issue of OS. I created another Demo application for this. it works well. But Here dialog box open like below.

sub showdialog()
optiondialog = CreateObject("roSGNode", "Dialog")
optiondialog.title = "Menu"
optiondialog.buttons = ["ReverseOrder"] = optiondialog"buttonSelected", "onVerifyOptions")
end sub

I don't understand clearly, if this is the issue with getScene() or I am making a mistake in updating the content. Is there any other way to Update RSG Component Content?