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Idea for a channel - home energy and other information, perhaps some control as well

Hi all - an idea for a channel - any developer that wants to explore and develop this idea, I'm just giving it away.  It may already be done, .... I don't know.  I did a very quick search of the forums before posting, on a couple of different keywords and didn't turn up much.

My idea is either one or multiple channels suitable for displaying the live information from such home energy read-outs as we see on home energy devices such as:

- energy usage, such as here:

- energy generation, storage and routing, such as here:

Or any of the other displays that one might display on a smart phone or a web browser on a laptop, but which might make for a worthwhile display on a TV.  It doesn't have to be all about energy.  It could be alarm system and related status, appliances management, perhaps video monitoring of activity around the house.... whatever.

I suppose a lot of this would be case-by-case and might each be suitable for an individual channel, but perhaps there is a case for setting up a broadly-themed channel as kind of a shell, with different manufacturers in effect offering their "show".  I don't know.
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