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Re: IP Camera app/channel

Roku channlel appears on Roku Channel List

Access the Chanel it imeditaly goes to "camera options"

Leave the default Camera options (no default IP address on local network) it will go back to a please wait screen for about 30 seconds then go back to the Camera Options Screen. I note this since on all the following tests when done is hit on the 'Camera Options Screen" it goes to the main screen in about 1/4 of a second that you can miss it and we are right back to the "Camera Options" screen. Its like it dismissed something in the information entered and did not attempt to try connecting to the the camera

Press Home Button on Roku remote and access the channel (do this to make sure no residual settings are feft behind"

Tried with Panasonic BL-230A and Axis M3004 results the same so concentrated on Axis M3004 and the results were

The AXIS streams H.264 on port 554 and MPEG4 on port 80 and 443 so I tried Port 554 and 80

What video compression does this channel work for - can I use H.264 or am I restricted to MPEG4?

The cameras address is and used id and password are the same as I use to access the video stream from a web browser

Tried (address from browser screen when accessing camera from web browser)
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Level 7

Re: IP Camera app/channel

I cannot add the channel either, it says it is not associated with a valid channel Smiley Sad
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Re: IP Camera app/channel

@bollywood wrote:
Is there a channel/app for roku so that one can connect to and view IP Cameras?

if not, is it possible to create one? or not?


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Re: IP Camera app/channel

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