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How to put Youtube videos?

Hello, I've been able to use videos uploaded to my personal website AND IT WORKED! but how can I use YouTube videos on my roku channnel? Also how do I use live Youtube videos as well?
For Example I want to use this video URL how could I do that in my Roku Channel?

Here is some of my code WHICH HAS WORKED for mp4 videos uploaded to my personal website.

<item sdImg="I put my image sd url here -- no problem" hdImg="I put my hd mage url here -- no problem">
    <title>My Title </title>
            <streamFormat> have tried "mp4" "hls" "mkv" "ism" etc...</streamFormat>
                    <streamUrl> tried to use a youtube url here and video doesnt play once app is developed</streamUrl>
            <synopsis>Some random synopsis to put here</synopsis>
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Level 11

Re: How to put Youtube videos?

There is a youtube app you can load onto your Roku.  I believe other than that, Youtube's policies do not allow you to serve youtube video via a Roku channel and Youtube has technology in place to prevent you from doing it.  Although I may be mistaken about this, maybe someone else can confirm or deny.
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