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Level 10

How to get RAF playback errors?

How I can listen to or get the RAF ads playbacks errors? like i am seeing this error but no events:

[RAF.err] showVideoAd(): excessive video buffering detected, canceling ad play

Also, if possible, the reason for getting those errors, mostly to certify that the ads played well.
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Level 21

Re: How to get RAF playback errors?

You can try setDebugOutput().  I don't know if that will get you what you want or not.

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: How to get RAF playback errors?

[RAF.err] diags are always printed to Brightscript console (telnet 8085 for side-loaded app), intentionally - while they are non-fatal (they don't affect behavior, it is preserved exactly as before v2.5 when there were no such warnings printed), they relate detected issues, sometimes with recommendation to fix.

Regarding how ads are playing, use the tracking beacons (impression, completion, quartiles) stats if you have access to those. Alternatively you can use .setTrackingCallback() and i believe for that particular issue you would have received a call.
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