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Re: How to create your first Roku platform Channel

HI @Johnathan3000 

definitely is using Direct Publisher , but .......

free is not really in the cards 🙂

you need a feed - you can code it or invest a small fee in a program to help you build and manage your feed - then you need hosting for your feed and thumbnail images ( free will not really work )

also need a good video hosting for your videos  - free is defiantly out of  the question here. ( good and quality video hosting will cost couple of dollars) 

basically that's all in a nutshell. 


Building a TV Channel can be easy … if you have a right tools ===>>
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Re: How to create your first Roku platform Channel

One of the easiest ways is to use:

- Roku Direct Publisher
- Vimeo Pro account to host your videos + thumbnails
- Json feed: 2 options:
1. Manually create the feed and host it somewhere on a server
2. Use a third-party service to manage the feed



OTTfeed: all-in-one video feed management system for Roku Direct Publisher. Start 7-Day free trial then $49/month go to
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Re: How to create your first Roku platform Channel

What's the most simple and cost-effective free method of creating your first Roku platform Channel on your own?

That really depends on what you hope to get out of the channel.  For example, are you building it just for fun, to share some video content, or, to make some money?  The answer to some of these questions will drive the development direction.  For example, if you want a "subscription" channel, you'll need to learn the BrightScript language since Direct Publisher does not support that channel model.

"Cost-effective" is a relative term.  It depends on what you plan to budget for your channel.  As previous posts have indicated, there will be some cost involved.

FREE Windows desktop software for creating BIF (Trick Play), Direct Publisher (MRSS, JSON), and FireTV feeds @ GitHub/rrirower. No programming knowledge required.
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