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How to create a RSS channel?

How do I go about creating a RSS channel with a overhang panel? This is what I have I'm not to sure on how to go about doing this.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<component name="MainScene" extends="Scene" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="">
    <!-- importing main handler -->
    <script type="text/brightscript" uri="pkg:/components/MainScene.brs" />
            fadeInterval ="0.2"
<rss version="2.0">

  <title>Technologx Home Page</title>
  <description>News, Tutorials, Support, Downloads and more!</description>
    <title>Adobe News</title>
    <description>New RSS tutorial on W3Schools</description>
    <title>XML Tutorial</title>
    <description>New XML tutorial on W3Schools</description>


<component name="categoriesListPanel" extends="ListPanel" >
<script type="text/brightscript" >
sub init() = "medium" = true = true = true = false = true = "Technologx Menu"
  m.categorieslist ="categorieslist") = m.categorieslist
  end sub
<LabelList id = "categorieslist" >
  <ContentNode role = "content" >
      title = "Renderable Nodes"
      description = "Basic Nodes That Show Things
      &#xA;  &#8226; Rectangle
      &#xA;  &#8226; Label
      &#xA;  &#8226; Poster
      &#xA;  &#8226; Video"
      shortdescriptionline1="Renderable Node Markup"
      Url = "" />
      title = "Z-Order/Parent-Child"
      description = "Scene Graph Tree Order Matters
      &#xA;Demonstrates the basic concepts of Scene Graph element layering
and inheritance. In Roku Scene Graph, what's on the bottom of your XML tree goes
on top!"
      shortdescriptionline1="Z-Order/Parent-Child Markup"
      Url = "" />
    <ContentNode title = "Animations"
      description = "Fly Things Around and Flash Lights
      &#xA;This shows you how to make your application more moving, by animating
screen elements. There are examples for all of the field interpolator nodes, plus
sequential and parallel animations."
      shortdescriptionline1="Animation Markup"  
      Url = "" />
    <ContentNode title = "Events and Observers"
      description = "React When Stuff Happens
      &#xA;You need to handle events that come from both the user, and program
actions. You'll learn to use the onKeyEvent() and observeField() Scene Graph
functions to do this."  
      shortdescriptionline1="Events and Observers Markup"
      Url = "" />

' ********** Copyright 2016 Roku Corp.  All Rights Reserved. **********  

sub init()
    m.loadingProgress ="loadingProgress")
    m.loadingProgress.visible = true
    m.loadingProgress.control = "start"
End sub

function onKeyEvent(key as String, press as Boolean) as Boolean
    result = false
    return result
end function

sub init() = "pkg:/images/panel.jpg" = true = true
  m.categoriespanel ="categoriesListPanel")
  m.categoryinfopanel ="categoryinfoPanel")
end sub
sub showcategoryinfo()
  categorycontent = m.categoriespanel.list.content.getChild(m.categoriespanel.list.itemFocused)
  m.categoryinfopanel.description = categorycontent.description
  m.examplespanel = createObject("RoSGNode","examplesGridPanel")
  m.examplespanel.overhangtext = categorycontent.shortdescriptionline1
  m.examplespanel.gridcontenturi = categorycontent.Url
end sub
sub slideexamplesgridpanel()
  if not
  end if
end sub
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