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How to Play MultipleAudioTrack in Roku?

I know about Roku doesn't support multiple videos at a time. But Some Developers are mix up two things multiple playbacks and multiple audio tracks. Roku Does Support Multiple Audio Track?

I tried to Play MultipleAudioTrack in Roku. I used the below code to find a multiple audio track Here ?" :" but here not available any track. my stream check-in VLC MediaPlayer. Here two-track available. But I not found in Roku. My Audio Format is AAC. I also Set Here = "aac". Any other Configuration required to Playing a multiple Audio.

My m3u8 file is below.











Is there any Configuration required for m3u8 file.

I read the HLS Documentation which is provided by Roku. But, If you don't mind I have still some doubts regarding HLS Stream. I used the Roku Premiere plus device. 

For CC, I enable Closed Captions options using coding it's below.

Audio Track.png

m.videoContent.streamformat = "hls"

m.videoContent.subtitleTracks = [{ language: "EN", description: "EN", trackName: "eia608/1" }]

m.videoContent.subtitleConfig = { trackName: "eia608/1" }

It's not available in M3u8 file content. It's available on my ts File. I mention my M3u8 Content in the above.

Same way, I tried to enable Multiple Audio Track using Coding.

I used Following Field For fetching a multiple Audio Track.

?" :" = "aac"

I refer to this example of playing a Multiple Audio Track.

I used the aac audio format for playing audio in the Roku video player.

I check the same M3u8 File in other Video Player(VLC, IOS inbuilt player, EXO Player) It takes automatically shows two audio track. 


I'm not sure But I think Roku Video player Compalsary required multiple Audio tracks in M3u8 File. Like below. Is it Correct?





But, Here It possible to Put the EXT-X-MEDIA tag in Two Times?

or I don't know which specific field will add I required.

I found one article in the Roku  Knowledge Center article Does Roku support multiple audio tracks?

But, I'm not required to enable multiple audio tracks at the same time. or also not required to playing simultaneously. I required to at a time only a single audio track. Because I know any media player not support multiple audio track and video track same times

I required to change the audio track at run time. If my default track in English and using this option, I  change to It Spanish or any else.

My Actual question is a how-to enable audio track option which provide by Roku and which fields are required in m3u8 files. To enable these options. or Roku has stopped supporting audiotrack options?


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Roku Guru

Re: How to Play MultipleAudioTrack in Roku?

Any update regarding this question?

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