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How does the msg port work ?

Has anyone else noticed this behavior ?

My application uses a common MSG routine to handle all interrupts posted to a single port. If there is a lot of network activity, the interrupts for the remote appear to always go to the bottom of the queue. This causes really sluggish and erratic behavior on the screen with the remote. It appears that all of the network interrupts are processed before the remote messages.

I changed the application to have two ports, one for my screens and another for everything else. The code now checks for a msg on the screen port and if nothing queued, checks the other port. So now when the remote is clicked, I get a response in a timely manner. Before when I clicked the remote a couple of times, I could get a loooooong pause and then all the remote clicks.

Is there any particular sequence that things are posted to the msg port ? or is there a priority scheme that things are processed ?
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Re: How does the msg port work ?

msgs are delivered in Fifo order. There is no priority scheme in the delivery of the msgs (though you could create a priority scheme in the processing of msgs).

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