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Re: How can developer test with different regions?

"belltown" wrote:
Yes, len() counts the chars, one by one. So it probably indexes that way too, and maybe does store UTF-8 chars as contiguous bytes internally.

And that is what it does, of course:
BrightScript Debugger> tm.mark(): _ = mid(s, n/2, 1): ? tm.TotalMilliseconds()

BrightScript Debugger> tm.mark(): _ = mid(s2, n/2, 1): ? tm.TotalMilliseconds()

The (-) side: string operations in B/S take O(n) instead of O(1) time. Disturbing realization, never seen that before.
The (+) side: strings have compact representation in memory.
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Re: How can developer test with different regions?

Here's an update:
Well now FR and IE appear to be correct, but GB, which used to be correct, has GetCatalog() returning 'cost' in Euros and the purchase process showing GBP to the user.

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Re: How can developer test with different regions?

"RokuJoel" wrote:
You would need to create a separate Roku User using an ip address from the region you are going to test - so you would, at least for the initial setup, need a VPN connection for each region you are targeting. Once an account is setup, devices linked to that account should be associated with that region.

We unfortunately do not have a way to test multiple regions otherwise (short of us manually going in and changing the region associated with an account - not very scaleable).

- Joel

@RokuJoel, Do we have any better option now to test it as there are many changes in the billing flow since that time?
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