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Help with style screen

First than nothing, i apologize for my bad english my level is a low i'm from Mexico, so now i'm learning more english, sorry.
I'll try to explain as best possible.

I'm a new developing a channel, i used "simpleplayer" template from sdk roku, this works with .xml feeds, like you already know it.

This is my project's files (source folder)

My project have 3 categories: TV Online, Movies, and TV Shows each with categoriesLeaf

Up to this point is perfect for me (style of tv online section ) but the problem is coming in the movies section style.

This is my movies section style.

Really don't like, i want put a style like this ONLY in movies section...


What I have to do?
What files I have change or add?

Help me please, Thanks in advance

Regards and have a nice day.
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Re: Help with style screen

anyone? 😞 :cry:
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