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Re: Help with fixing channel settings

Ok, I'll see what I can do with Google App Engine and get back to you.

Yeah, the Dropbox login splash page that comes up sometimes may be an issue.
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Re: Help with fixing channel settings

"belltown" wrote:
Put a Print statement before the Parse so you can see the exact Xml that you are passing to the parser.

If you want somewhere other than dropbox to host your Xml files, you could try Google App Engine. I use it for some of my Xml file hosting and web sites. It works well and it's free (up to 1GB per day of incoming and outgoing bandwidth, and 1GB of code and static file storage), although there's quite a bit of a learning curve to set it up.

Yeah, that seems too confusing for me Smiley Sad

I'm going to try Google Drive
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Re: Help with fixing channel settings

Still not working Smiley Sad
Where would I put the Print statement and what syntax would I use?

BrightScript Debugger> ------ Running ------
created feed connection for
Took: 184ms
Can't parse feed
BrightScript Micro Debugger.
Enter any BrightScript statement, debug commands, or HELP.

Current Function:
034: Function get_category_names(categories As Object) As Dynamic
036: categoryNames = CreateObject("roArray", 100, true)
038:* for each category in
039: 'print category.Title
040: categoryNames.Push(category.Title)
041: next
Syntax Error. (runtime error &h02) in pkg:/source/categoryFeed.brs(38)
038: for each category in
#3 Function get_category_names(categories As Object) As Dynamic
file/line: pkg:/source/categoryFeed.brs(38)
#2 Function initcategorylist() As Void
file/line: pkg:/source/appHomeScreen.brs(112)
#1 Function showhomescreen(screen As Dynamic) As Integer
file/line: pkg:/source/appHomeScreen.brs(39)
#0 Function main() As Void
file/line: pkg:/source/appMain.brs(20)
Local Variables:
categories bsc:roInvalid refcnt=1
global rotINTERFACE:ifGlobal
m roAssociativeArray refcnt=3 count:4
categorynames roArray refcnt=1 count:0
category <uninitialized>
BrightScript Debugger>
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Level 7

Re: Help with fixing channel settings

I was able to successfully host my xml files on github after trying dropbox and google drive to no avail. It is free if you don't mind the xml be available for the public to see. I am able to host the images for the channel on dropbox without issue. I was forced to do this after my ISP decided to obliterate the personal web space I had hosted on for many a year. Uggghhh
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