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Has anyon figured out categories of categories


I work for a church and we are trying to get a roku channel setup. The problem is that we have a vision for the app that none of the templates address. So what we are looking for is:

Main Menu - > Archives --> Video Series --> List of videos --> play video

The current templates all are:

Main Menu - > Archives --> Video Series --> play video

So rather than going straight from a channel to a channel leaf, i would like to go from a channel to a channel to a channel leaf. Does this make sense? If so has anyone ever done it and would you be willing to share your code?

I guess what could also work is on the Play video screen, rather than one video we have:

Play full service
play message
play other video
play other video

Maybe that ones easier? Anywho, if anyone has any recommendations I would be greatly appreciative!
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