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Level 7

Forgive me if this has been answered, why 'm' ?

Searching for 'm' and 'this' seems to, predictably not turn-up very well.  😉

I was curious why the 'm' was chosen to represent what is traditionally 'this' in other languages.   Is it short for 'me'?
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Level 11

Re: Forgive me if this has been answered, why 'm' ?

It is one of the Mysteries of Roku, it seems.
Me, Myself and My Members... Maybe?

I had asked couple of Co insiders but even they had no clue - one proposed it was after somebody's first name.

"Self" is also a popular - perhaps more popular than "this" - choice in languages. One thing is for sure - "m" is shorter and easier to type. If it were me, i might have chosen underscore "_" as the special variable (so a good thing it wasn't up to me, ey? we save one Shift press now). 
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