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Follow redirects from one HTTPS URL to another

For a component such as roPosterScreen or roVideoScreen:

If an HTTPS URL handed to it results in a redirect, the component seems unable to follow the redirect successfully.
If I feed the component the final URL (after the redirect) it works fine.

Is there a flag or some other behavior I need to set in order to allow components to follow a redirect from one HTTPS URL to another ?
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Re: Follow redirects from one HTTPS URL to another

We should follow redirects.... However, you may want to make sure that you have not set the content meta data parameter "StreamStickyHttpRedirects". If StreamStickyHttpRedirects is true, the box will process the first redirect to a particular host but will remember the mapping and apply it to all subsequent redirects. This parameter is useful for sites that load balance among different servers in a cluster and may have different encoded files on the different nodes. StreamStickyHttpRedirects enables these sites to work properly.

StreamStickyHttpRedirects is the only parameter that should turn off normal redirect processing. If you think you are having some other redirect misbehavior, please private message me an example of the problem.

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Re: Follow redirects from one HTTPS URL to another


you case will work if the redirected url is a http url. My page is redirecting to a HTTPS url.
I have noticed roku box is unable to play any https hosted videos.

Please let me know if there is some explicit configurations to play https urls.

-- Mitesh
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