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Level 7

Fixing orphaned object error

I don't recall ever seeing this message before when my app is unloaded (home key). Maybe it is new with the 2.6 firmware.

ERROR!!! - Found XXX orphaned objects.

I have assumed Brightscript does automatic garbage collection. Does this message indicate a problem with my application? Or simply that I had XXX objects at the time I unloaded? Is there something I should be doing to explicitly destroy objects to avoid this message?
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Level 9

Re: Fixing orphaned object error

BrightScript does do garbage collection. The message does not indicate a problem with your application.... It simply means you had xxx objects at the time you unloaded. Since we are now killing apps when the "Home" button is pressed, it is more likely that you get these messages about objects still needing to be garbage collected at the time the app exits.

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