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Level 11

ERROR: Empty whitelist response for ROKU_ADS_NIELSEN_ID ?

Doing the simplest use case of RAF:

adIface = Roku_Ads()
adPods = adIface.getAds()
didFinish = adIface.showAds(adPods)
and in console:
"RAF" wrote:
Roku_Ads_checkAllowedFeature: ERROR: Empty whitelist response for ROKU_ADS_NIELSEN_ID
Roku_Ads_checkAllowedFeature: Parsing whitelist for ROKU_ADS_NIELSEN_ID

Roku_Ads library version: 1.5
RAF 1.5; rendering preroll pod of 1 ads

Eh? I trust anything marked as "ERROR" is of diagnostic severity requiring attention&fixing.
What's a whitelist for ROKU_ADS_NIELSEN_ID and how does it (un)fit here?!

PS. see also viewtopic.php?f=34&t=92893
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