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Level 7

Does TextEditBox support fonts?

Does TextEditBox support custom fonts?
I see that it has textColor and hintTextColor fields, but no font fields.
I tried to use custom fonts but they don't work, just color works.

  m.user ="user")
  m.user.textFont = m.Fonts.Section.node
  m.user.textColor = m.Fonts.Section.color
  m.user.hintTextFont = m.Fonts.Section.node  
  m.user.hintTextColor = m.Fonts.Section.color
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Level 11

Re: Does TextEditBox support fonts?

no, sadly several text-related components (overhang title?) don't support font and think you'll have to make custom components if you want control over the font.
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Re: Does TextEditBox support fonts?

The custom component is required to add fonts in this three (Overhang, TextEditbox, and Checklist) components. Right?

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