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Directing traffic to my film on social media

I am a filmmaker and I want to direct people to watch my film on Roku but it seems some people are having trouble. I used the URL for the about page of my film which works fine on desktop but it looks like coming from Facebook Mobile, it prompts users to login or create an account which greatly reduces the likelihood that they will watch my film because after they login or create an account, it takes users to a generic page instead of just allowing them to watch my film. They either have to go back to Facebook Mobile or use the search bar to find my film. Also, I'm sure the login page just bounces a lot of users before they even login or create an account so thats another issue. Desktop seems to allow users to watch movies without having an account and thats great. I wish mobile would also allow users to just watch the movie without creating an account. Thanks!

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Re: Directing traffic to my film on social media

How does this involve Roku?

With that said, is the URL for the video on FB?  If so, does it begin with an "m"?  ex.

Also, why not host it on Vimeo? 

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