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Level 7

Digital Audio Out - Query for settings?

Is there any access to query for the Digital Audio out setting? It's useful to know as we only had to worry about "surround" vs "stereo" to figure out playback. We had an option to disable certain surround sound modes (DTS, DD, DD+), however those settings are useful since the Roku will auto selected based on the "Digital Audio Out" mode.

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Level 7

Re: Digital Audio Out - Query for settings?

The docs have not been updated -

The release notes gave me some direction though.
added Function GetAudioDecodeInfo(Void) As Object
added Function GetVideoDecodeInfo(Void) As Object

BrightScript Debugger> di = createObject("roDeviceInfo")
BrightScript Debugger> ?di.GetAudioDecodeInfo()
AC3: 7:31:640:1:
mp3: 2:
DTS: 7:31:1536:1:
wma: 2:
flac: 2:
lpcm: 2:
aac: 2:
DD+: 9:6:0:1:
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