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Detect if TV is shutoff


Is there a way to detect if the TV is shutoff while a video is playing? I would like to stop the video if that occurs.

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Re: Detect if TV is shutoff

no, but what Netflix does is every few hours it will pop up a messagebox to see if you are still there -- at least on their PC webplayer.
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Re: Detect if TV is shutoff

You could certainly waste a lot of bandwidth that way. There is no way for the roku to know if a tv is turned on -- at least not when connected through analog cables. There may be some capability (or future capability) with HDMI since that is a digital connection -- I'm just not sure if it supports two-way.

I have thought about that with my channel I'm envisioning. I don't think I would allow more than an hour to play without some user intervention, even if it was only a popup "Hey, you there?" as the other poster suggested.
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