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Level 7

DASH Seeking Image Spec Questions

Hi! We're looking to allow for seeking with DASH images in order to meet the Roku trick mode requirements (here), but want to make sure we do it right!

Anyone able to clarify these questions?

1. Based on the spec it appears that it will support segmented spritesheets, where one sprite sheet represents N-seconds of images. Is our reading of the spec correct?
2. We would like to do at most 10s seconds for each spritesheet. Is this acceptable?
3. Does Roku handle spritesheets in the case of multi-period Dash?
4. Does Roku support segmented spritesheets when used in combination with SegmentTimeline? The example given uses SegmentTemplate but in order to work with our solution we'd need SegmentTimeline with multi-period dash.
5. What image sizes need to be supported? Will these be used only for thumbnails or for trick-play as well?

We're pretty familiar with the BIF approach, but DASH would be much more flexible and practicable for us, given how we do things in our platform.

Thanks in advance.

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Level 10

Re: DASH Seeking Image Spec Questions



2- No one is stopping u

3-Havent tested multiperiod

4. I think so not sure

5. upto  u I guess, but less the max screen resolution. 

You could test your streams in the Roku test video app, all the above scenarios.

If you are going custom video player, check this out:


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Level 7

Re: DASH Seeking Image Spec Questions

That's really helpful, appreciate the response!

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