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Re: Copyright laws, streaming from AWS

"destruk" wrote:
Here, I'll break it down even further for you - "(hypothetical, example)" - since I don't have an agreement with Dishworld I have no printed contract to refer to.
Dishworld is in business to "MAKE money" - not to give all their profits to channel developers.
Therefore, if Dishworld is selling the "Ethiopian Entertainment package" for $29.99/month - they then pay a portion of that money to the provider of the channels and content available within that package.
They would not be in business if they paid $35 to the providers of content of the package and only took $29.99 per month from the customer they are providing to.

Can it be any clearer than that?

So -- if they paid the providers $29.99/month per customer to each provider, and they collect $29.99/month per customer using their service, they make no money and can't cover their own costs because 100% of all money they receive goes right back out again. It's just not possible.

With that as a fact - no matter if it's $60, $5, $20, or $40, or any other figure that makes you feel awesome at the moment, 100% is 100% no matter what number you use.

Therefore, if they are paying the providers less than what they are making, what benefit is there to you accepting less money than your content is worth to the world? You are taking a loss for the privilege.
It doesn't matter what they are paying you, you are still missing out on money that they collect off of your hard work. I see this as a scam - because they have exclusivity they hold developers at ransom to get their cut of money out of the deal which makes it rather pointless to pursue under these terms.

Depends.. if Dishworld is providing all of the bandwidth for hosting your streams, then that would dramatically reduce the overhead/cost on your side. If that's the case, then I don't see it as being any different than Roku taking 30% of all channel sales. The benefit comes from being available on the Roku platform and potentially its 10,000,000 devices. If there's no other way to get on the platform, then any route that gets you there is better than nothing.
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