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Communication of changes to developers

Tell me, because i'm a little confused.

Where did Roku communicate the recent category changes to developers?

Did I miss that, or did no one bother?

I found out here, which annoyed me to find out from a third party and not the horses mouth. ... es-updated

So, did I miss a communication? If not, why am I being informed of such things by third parties and not Roku?
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Re: Communication of changes to developers

I don't think they communicate anything to developers. You'd have to look at the roku SDK wiki to see new features, check your roku yourself for when it's been updated, look at the developer blog yourself for new postings, and check here for any new information as it becomes 'public'. It's just how things are.
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Re: Communication of changes to developers

I have to say this is a poor way to treat their developers.
I ran into the same problem. I just found out today myself that my channel as been moved.
The developers blog has not had a new post to it in over a year.
And the fact that this post has been up for 6 day and no one from roku has even replied.
I am a big roku fan and promoter but they make it hard to defend them. 😐
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