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Channel size limitation


I'm having a Roku XR player, software version 3.1 - buuild 1011 and model N1101.
When I enter in my browser the roku box ip address and browse for the zip channel file and uploaded it, I got the following error:

Warning: Application size limits it to Roku 2 players, Roku XDS and Roku XR. It will not work with other Roku 1 players. (1116357 > 768000)

Is there a limitation related to channel size in older versions of Roku boxex?

Thank you.
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Re: Channel size limitation

Yes. The numbers you see there on the warning are actual file sizes. (1116357 > 768000) Meaning you uploaded a file over a MB and it is looking for something under 3/4 MB. Actually I think it is preferred to be even smaller than that (1/2 MB) which is why most of us do our best to keep graphics external from the channel code.
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Binge Watcher

Re: Channel size limitation

Not just older boxes, but the Roku2 LT has limited storage space. ideally your channel should be around 500k or less if you wish to distribute to all platforms. Make your channel as small as possible by optimizing your graphics, off load anything that doesn't need to be in the package to your web server, and make sure no hidden / system files get zipped up (like thumbs.db and DS_Store) in your package. Also be sure not to zip up anything else that shouldn't be there, for example older builds of your channel, temp files, etc.

- Joel
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Re: Channel size limitation

Is there documentation for channel size limitation for Roku 3, 5.x firmware devices? Does this remain at 2MB? Is this the same case for Roku 2 running 5.x?
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