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Level 7

Channel - how to change some text?

I am very new to this, and my channel has recently started (Film Blocks). Does anyone know I can do some of these edits? I tried some before but got errors when we tried to publish

On the first photo, where it shows all the films it has the film title - then it says 2017 | 1 season - how do I get rid of that part? I just want that to show the film title.
On the other photo, this happens once you click the film image, it has 2017 | 1 season, educational/news - I want that all gone.
It also has play episode & episode 1 to the right of that image. I would prefer if it just said "play movie"

Can anyone give me any pointers to successfully make any of these changes?
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Level 7

Re: Channel - how to change some text?

Did you make the channel with Direct Publisher?
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