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Changing Roku display type options

I have a Roku2 with the most recent firmware. Is there a way to manually change (with code) the display type options (standard 4:3, widescreen 16x9, 720p, 1080p) for the Roku device (normally changed under Settings). I was able to get my videos displayed the way I want it with standard 4:3 display option set in the Roku settings. However, I do not want to have this set to standard 4:3 all of the time when using other channels like Netflix. Basically, I only want standard 4:3 used when my videos playback. I would like to change the device's display type (to standard 4:3) when the "play" button is selected in my channel, then when the backed out of the video or the video is finished, change it back to 720p.

Is this setting saved in the registry and if so, is accessible to change via roRegistry object? If this is the case, when changing and saving to the registry to update the value, will the Roku automatically pick it up and update the screen display?

I hope this can be accomplished.

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Re: Changing Roku display type options

I know in practice, switching between certain display types is very dangerous if not done correctly---which is why they likely wouldn't let you do it automatically.

Basically some TVs might not support certain display types, and you have to do the timeout "is this setting ok" in case the customer selected something they couldn't do, unknowingly.

I think you may be allowed to alter the stretch on your video, but the display type is probably a 'heck no'.
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Re: Changing Roku display type options

The display settings are read-only, provided by roDeviceInfo ... deasString
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