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Level 9

ChangeMatchingRegions() - what does it do?

roCompositor's ChangeMatchingRegions has this terse description:
"ifCompositor" wrote:
ChangeMatchingRegions(oldRegion as Object, newRegion as Object) as Void
Global search and replace of Sprite roRegions.

Replaces regions that match oldRegion with newRegion.
It's unclear here
  • what "global" means (local to roCompositor instance - or global to the player?), also

  • what it means by using plural "regions" (can params be lists of regions?) and

  • what to "match" means (identity? dimension equality?).

Going out on a limb here, i am guessing perhaps what it does is: go over all roSprites for this roCompositor instance, checks their respective roRegions and if it finds literally the same oldRegion (the same pointer, that is), replaces it with newRegion. Am i close?

Also, shouldn't roCompositor support some way to enumerate all belonging sprites, like ifEnum ?
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