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Categories/Category Leaf nodes?

Hi -

I'm new to SDK and am working with the videoplayer example but I do not want to drill down from the main category to a category leaf since there is only one item in each category. Instead, I would like to go directly to the detail screen from the home screen. Can someone please clue me in on how I might be able to accomplish this? Appreciate any help. Thanks.
I tried doing it the below way in categories.xml...but it didn't work....

<category title="Technology" description="TED Talks on Technology" sd_img="" hd_img="" feed=""/>

In short, when user selects category from home screen, I want to go directly to detail screen with Play button, etc.
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Level 9

Re: Categories/Category Leaf nodes?

You essentially want to eliminate a hierarchy level. This could be quickly accomplished by modifying the definition of showHomeScreen() to:

Function showHomeScreen(screen) As Integer

if validateParam(screen, "roPosterScreen", "showHomeScreen") = false return -1


kid = m.Categories.Kids[1] ' pick the first category.
' Modify only that music.xml file on server.

return 0
End Function

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Level 7

Re: Categories/Category Leaf nodes?

thanks. I tried it but it didn't produce what I was looking for. I want the home page to show all categories like it does in videoplayer example and start with the first category in focus using...


Then when I select one of the top level categories, I want to jump right to the springboard screen for that selected category. Currently it jumps from top level category to another poster screen with filter banner. Then I select the same category and it finally gets to the springboard screen.
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