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Can't see most content metadata on roSpringboard

Hello! I am learning how to develop for Roku and currently making a channel using the default Video Player template. I have done my best to look through the SDK docs but cannot figure this one out on my own.

I currently have the following XML feed specifying a video (that is obviously not the matching stream for the video, I'm just using a sample HLS stream for now):

	<item sdImg="" hdImg="">
<title>Big Buck Bunny</title>
<description>Giant rabbit with a heart bigger than himself</description>
<synopsis>'Big' Buck wakes up in his rabbit hole, only to be pestered by three critters, Gimera, Frank and Rinky. When Gimera kills a butterfly, Buck decides on a payback Predator-style.</synopsis>
<genres>Animation, Comedy</genres>
<director>Sacha Goedegebure</director>
<actors>Big Buck</actors>

When I look at the video in the Springboard, however, the only metadata that gets displayed is the Title, genres, synopsis, and runtime. I have been trying for a while now to figure out how to display the remainder of the information. I assume the answer is somewhere within ShowFeed.brs. I have been playing around with the code in that file, but to no avail. Could someone please point me in the right direction?

edit: I got the ratings to work. Went to ShowFeed.brs and added

item.UserStarRating = validstr(curShow.UserStarRating.getText())

and commented out

item.UserStarRating = invalid

Unfortunately the same thing does not work with IsHD & HDBranded. Besides that I'm only missing actors and director!

edit2: still working on this... it seems that IsHD and HDBranded just aren't showing period - even if I hardcode the values. The good news is that means the issue is not with my XML... The bad news is now I'm now even further away from figuring out the issue than before..
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Re: Can't see most content metadata on roSpringboard

Bump! Still hoping to get an answer to this question 🙂
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Re: Can't see most content metadata on roSpringboard

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Re: Can't see most content metadata on roSpringboard

"uarlive" wrote:
Have you taken a look at ... oardScreen?

Specifically here. ... ringasVoid

I've seen the first link many times but couldn't find what I needed there.
The second link seems more promising. From it I can tell I'm looking to set the springboard style to "movie". I adjusted appDetailScreen.brs to movie instead of episode:

Function preShowDetailScreen(breadA=invalid, breadB=invalid) As Object
screen = CreateObject("roSpringboardScreen")
if breadA<>invalid and breadB<>invalid then
screen.SetBreadcrumbText(breadA, breadB)
end if

return screen
End Function

With the current code I now get the HD tag. Still missing Actors and Director but it's progress :D:D
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Re: Can't see most content metadata on roSpringboard

Through some debugging I have narrowed down my problem to showFeed.brs

I changed a few things around and now have Director and Release Date display properly. The last thing left is the Actors, and it seems all I need to figure out how to do is make an array to hold them. Currently the category array goes in both spots, and my first attempt just makes the following output in console:

actors: (list of 1)...
List(0)= (list of 1)...
List(0)= (list of 1)...
List(0)= (list of 1)...
List(0)= (list of 1)...
List(0)= (list of 1)...
List(0)= (list of 1)...
List(0)= (list of 1)...
List(0)= (list of 1)...
List(0)= (list of 1)...

Going to keep hammering away!
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Re: Can't see most content metadata on roSpringboard

In init item --
That creates the array.

Then for the xml I usually have

And then for the parser I stick this in --

Of course I'm sure there are many different ways to do it, but that works for me.
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