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Can someone help me with this?


I know this is probably pretty simple, but I'm new to Roku, just need help correcting my SimpleGrid.brs file to:

1). Show an items "title" under the thumnail. Right now, its just showing the thumb, but no title. I disabled the overhang description. I just want the title to show under the thumb.

2) Also when I changed the gridstyle to : "flat-landscape" I get this huge gap at the top of the screen. I set the screen.SetFocusedListItem(1,0) and it looks fine when I load the channel, but when i scroll up, I still get the huge gap.

Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks so much!

' *********************************************************
' ** Simple Grid Screen Demonstration App
' ** Jun 2010
' ** Copyright (c) 2010 Roku Inc. All Rights Reserved.
' *********************************************************

'** Application startup
Sub Main()
' init google analytics
InitGATracker("UA-1846090-3", "")
'Use this function to log a page view in Google Analytics

GATrackPageView("Loaded Roku App", "", "Roku")
'If PageTitle or PageURL are passed in empty, and one is not then the empty one will
'be set to the value of the other.
'"Page Title", "", "User Value" = "Page Title", "Page Title", "User Value"
'If both are empty they are set to "Roku"
'If User Value is empty it is set to "Roku"

'initialize theme attributes like titles, logos and overhang color

gridstyle = "flat-landscape"

'set to go, time to get started
while gridstyle <> ""
'print "starting grid style= ";gridstyle
gridstyle = showGridScreen(screen, gridstyle)
end while

End Sub

'** Set the configurable theme attributes for the application
'** Configure the custom overhang and Logo attributes
'** These attributes affect the branding of the application
'** and are artwork, colors and offsets specific to the app

Sub initTheme()
app = CreateObject("roAppManager")
End Sub

'** @return The default application theme.
'** Screens can make slight adjustments to the default
'** theme by getting it from here and then overriding
'** individual theme attributes.
Function CreateDefaultTheme() as Object
theme = CreateObject("roAssociativeArray")

theme.ThemeType = "generic-dark"

' All these are greyscales
theme.GridScreenBackgroundColor = "#2a2a2a" '"#363636"
theme.GridScreenMessageColor = "#808080"
theme.GridScreenRetrievingColor = "#CCCCCC"
theme.GridScreenListNameColor = "#0099cc"

' Color values work here
theme.GridScreenDescriptionTitleColor = "#808080" '"#001090"
theme.GridScreenDescriptionDateColor = "#808080" '"#FF005B"
theme.GridScreenDescriptionRuntimeColor = "#808080" '"#5B005B"
theme.GridScreenDescriptionSynopsisColor = "#808080" '"#606000"

'used in the Grid Screen
'theme.CounterTextLeft = "#FF0000"
'theme.CounterSeparator = "#00FF00"
'theme.CounterTextRight = "#0000FF"

theme.GridScreenLogoHD = "pkg:/images/Overhang_Background_HD.png"

theme.GridScreenLogoOffsetHD_X = "0"
theme.GridScreenLogoOffsetHD_Y = "0"
theme.GridScreenOverhangHeightHD = "99"

theme.GridScreenLogoSD = "pkg:/images/Overhang_Background_SD.png"
theme.GridScreenOverhangHeightSD = "66"
theme.GridScreenLogoOffsetSD_X = "0"
theme.GridScreenLogoOffsetSD_Y = "0"

' to use your own focus ring artwork
theme.GridScreenFocusBorderSD = "pkg:/images/GridCenter_Border_Landscape_SD43.png"
theme.GridScreenBorderOffsetSD = "(0,0)" '"(-20,-20)"
theme.GridScreenFocusBorderHD = "pkg:/images/GridCenter_Border_Landscape_HD.png"
theme.GridScreenBorderOffsetHD = "(0,0)"' "(-25,-25)"

' to use your own description background artwork
theme.GridScreenDescriptionImageSD = "pkg:/images/Grid_Description_Background_SD43.png"
theme.GridScreenDescriptionOffsetSD = "(125,170)"
theme.GridScreenDescriptionImageHD = "pkg:/images/Grid_Description_Background_HD.png"
theme.GridScreenDescriptionOffsetHD = "(190,255)"

theme.BackgroundColor = "#2a2a2a"
theme.ButtonHighlightColor = "#808080"
theme.ButtonNormalColor = "#808080"

theme.OverhangPrimaryLogoHD = "pkg:/images/Overhang_Background_HD.png"
theme.OverhangPrimaryLogoOffsetHD_X = "0"
theme.OverhangPrimaryLogoOffsetHD_Y = "0"

theme.OverhangPrimaryLogoSD = "pkg:/images/Overhang_Background_SD.png"
theme.OverhangPrimaryLogoOffsetSD_X = "0"
theme.OverhangPrimaryLogoOffsetSD_Y = "0"

return theme
End Function

'** Perform any startup/initialization stuff prior to
'** initially showing the screen.
Function preShowGridScreen(style as string) As Object

screen = CreateObject("roGridScreen")
' screen.SetDisplayMode("best-fit")
return screen

End Function

'** Display the gird screen and wait for events from
'** the screen. The screen will show retreiving while
'** we fetch and parse the feeds for the show posters
Function showGridScreen(screen As Object, gridstyle as string) As string

print "enter showGridScreen"

GATrackPageView("Display Roku Main Screen", "", "Roku")

categoryList = getCategoryList()

' list holders
showListFilms = CreateObject("roAssociativeArray")
showListComposers = CreateObject("roAssociativeArray")
showListVideogames = CreateObject("roAssociativeArray")

' get lists
showListFilms = getShowsForCategoryFilm(categoryList[0])
showListComposers = getShowsForCategoryComposers(categoryList[1])
showListVideogames = getShowsForCategoryVideogames(categoryList[2])

' push lists to screen grid
screen.SetContentList(0, showListFilms)
screen.SetContentList(1, showListComposers)
screen.SetContentList(2, showListVideogames)


while true
print "Waiting for message"
msg = wait(0, m.port)
'msg = wait(0, screen.GetMessagePort()) ' getmessageport does not work on gridscreen
print "Got Message:";type(msg)
if type(msg) = "roGridScreenEvent" then
print "msg= "; msg.GetMessage() " , index= "; msg.GetIndex(); " data= "; msg.getData()
if msg.isListItemFocused() then
print"list item focused | current show = "; msg.GetIndex()
else if msg.isListItemSelected() then
row = msg.GetIndex()
selection = msg.getData()
print "list item selected row= "; row; " selection= "; selection

if(row = 0)
m.curShow = displayShowDetailScreen(showListFilms, selection)
if(row = 1)
m.curShow = displayShowDetailScreen(showListComposers, selection)
if(row = 2)
m.curShow = displayShowDetailScreen(showListVideogames, selection)

else if msg.isScreenClosed() then
return ""
end if
end If
end while

End Function

'** When a poster on the home screen is selected, we call
'** this function passing an roAssociativeArray with the
'** ContentMetaData for the selected show. This data should
'** be sufficient for the springboard to display
Function displayShowDetailScreen(category as Object, showIndex as Integer) As Integer

return 1

End Function

'** Return the list of categories to display in the filter
'** banner. The result is an roArray containing the names of
'** all of the categories. All just static data for the example.
Function getCategoryList() As Object

categoryList = [ "Latest News", "The Rundown", "Editors' Picks"]
return categoryList

End Function

'** Given the category from the filter banner, return an array
'** of ContentMetaData objects (roAssociativeArray's) representing
'** the shows for the category. For this example, we just cheat and
'** create and return a static array with just the minimal items
'** set, but ideally, you'd go to a feed service, fetch and parse
'** this data dynamically, so content for each category is dynamic
Function getShowsForCategoryFilm(category As Object) As Object

print "getting shows for category "; category

conn = InitShowFeedConnectionFilmSound()
showListFilms = conn.LoadShowFeed(conn)
return showListFilms

End Function

Function getShowsForCategoryComposers(category As Object) As Object

print "getting shows for category "; category

conn = InitShowFeedConnectionComposers()
showListComposers = conn.LoadShowFeed(conn)
return showListComposers

End Function

Function getShowsForCategoryVideogames(category As Object) As Object

print "getting shows for category "; category

conn = InitShowFeedConnectionVideogames()
showListVideogames = conn.LoadShowFeed(conn)
return showListVideogames

End Function
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