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Brightscript Task GET Request Taking Long Time

Hi, I'm a new developer in the Roku community. I'm developing a program which will first load data from a url and parse it to JSON:

On our other devices, such as web app, iOS, and android, or even use curl to download, it takes about 4 seconds or faster to just get response and parse the data. But on brightscript, it takes about 12 seconds. This is the brightscript API I'm using:

request = CreateObject("roUrlTransfer")
port = CreateObject("roMessagePort")


response = request.GetToString(){feed: ParseJson(response)})
date = CreateObject("roDateTime")
print "feed parse finished: "; date.AsSeconds()

Is this the only API available for doing what I tried to do, or is there a faster way? Any comments or advice would help. Thanks!

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