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Re: [April Event] Developer Meetup @ Roku HQ!


I was at the event. It was outstanding. Many developers, content providers and Roku enthusiasts along with key people at Roku to talk to the attendees. The event had a nice presentation and then it provided a great opportunity for networking. The event was very well attended. Roku did a great job. I do not want to go into specifics of the event, as I would guess that there will be an official statement about the event from the company.

All I can say is "Good Job Roku!!!!!"
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Re: [April Event] Developer Meetup @ Roku HQ!

I have to echo what belltower said.

Between NAB, state "AB" events, bothStreaming Media conferences etc etc etc., scheduling this on short notice was a no go.

Scheduling it outside of the "every major broadcaster conference" might also be helpful, especially for those of us on the other side of the country.


sounds like it was great and I'm bummed I couldn't be there.
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