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Adobe DRM in Roku


Does Roku support HLS playback with Adobe DRM setup with remote key delivery? Means, can the player read the an m3u8 playlist (containing EXT-X-FAXS-CM tag, EXT-X-KEY:METHOD as AES-128 and URI that of a remote https server ) to identify the license server URI , perform the key retrieval from the remote server and do a playback?

Does the player abstract the individualization, license request steps which are performed typically in the adobe client sdks implementation for other platforms?

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Re: Adobe DRM in Roku

While I'm not familiar with the technical details of Adobe DRM and its HLS tags, Adobe advertises that their Primetime DRM is available on Roku when you use Adobe's SDK. IOW, I doubt Roku would handle the HLS stream natively without using Adobe's Roku SDK in the client.

I found some small technical information in this PDF
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