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3.0 Beta Info - Other sub-forum or info?

This post:
viewtopic.php?f=34&t=44100 - relevant portion quoted below -
indicates that there is more information somewhere other than this developers section on how the 3.0 beta is going. I'm looking for feedback on the 2D API's and any info on known-issues re: build 2222 or later.

3.0 is still considered beta, and has a support forum that is only accessible to beta testers (and developers who've opted in to the 3.0 beta builds). There are usually announcements about the beta firmware updates provided there. If you are running the 3.0 firmware but don't have access to that forum, you should pm RokuPatrick so he can set you up with the correct permissions.

Is there such a thing? I have a PM that says just discuss it in the main dev forum. So now I have the feeling (being new to the 3.0 beta switchover) that I'm missing info somewhere.
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Re: 3.0 Beta Info - Other sub-forum or info?

Well..... my usual luck in timing. Looks like 3.0 2227 is rolling out at the same time as I was signing up for the

So, I guess it's a "never mind", since I assume any SDK updates or other such info will be released shortly.
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