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remote not working need assistance

My other TV in the bedroom IS WORKING FINE W/ROKU IN THERE, however for days now my remote for the roku in my LR will not do anything. The TV turns on you see the Roku background moving when I try to use my remote will not do anything. I have replaced the batteries w/new ones right out the pkg. I tried unplugging the roku from my TV several times over the last few day waited then plugged it back in. My friend in another state told me that her's did the same thing this morning she put new batteries in also still would not work. Then she turned the TV on & off manually, then tried after that & it worked. I tried what she did but still would not work for me. I had that happen earlier this yr., I bought a new remote while I was waiting for it to arrive roku finally started to work on it's own. Now doing the same thing again, don't want to purchase another remote if not needed again. Any suggestions? I tried to contact support on my ph but keeps asking me to tell them what I need help with, I did like three times they keep sending over where I need to pay for assistance. I don't feel that I should have to pay after purchasing there product.

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Roku never asks for you to pay for assistance/tech support.  The number you are calling is not official Roku customer support.

Can you provide the model numbers of your Roku devices.  Unclear whether these are RokuTvs (integrated) or a TV with Roku devices connected to them via HDMI.  Thinking the latter.

In the meantime, download the official Roku Remote App from the Google Play/Apple Stores and install on your mobile device (phone/tablet) to use as a remote.

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