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remote nor roku phone wont pair with purple stick

 I have a 2016 purple streaming stick.  Hardly used.  Today when I went to set it up the remote is not working.  I also downloaded the phone app and it doesn't even pick up the purple streaming stick to pair! Purple stick lights work. 

ROKU says no more remotes for this unit but surely you must have a solution for those who have purchased it already. 

The home screen comes up, but remote stick or phone app won't work to get past it.  It says not connected.  I tried pressing pairing button and a green light started blinking, but a pairing screen did not come up. 

What is my next step?  


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Re: remote nor roku phone wont pair with purple stick

The app won't work until the stick is connected to your Wi-Fi.  You can't connect to Wi-Fi without a working remote.  As you've heard, no new remotes will ever be made again, so you either need to keep trying with the remote you have (make sure you're using fresh batteries) or buy a used remote somewhere.

To pair you can try this procedure from @Tivoburkee (I don't know if it applies to all Roku devices or not):
"You can also unplug the roku from its power for a bit, have the remote ready with battery door off and one battery in, now power the roku when the roku name stops bouncing put in the second battery and press and hold the pairing key for 3 to 5 seconds and release. Just let it communicate with roku it is all right if the light goes out in the battery compartment don't press anything until you get a big DONE onscreen. "

To be honest, it's really not even worth it to get that stick working.  You'll find that it can't run some of the newer channels/apps.

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