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new voice remote won't input tv

when trying to input my tv the first letter I input says ( no search results ) this entry is not recognized as a supported brand. I have a vizio tv and have attempted various other names and get the same reply

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Re: new voice remote won't input tv


I recently updated to a Streaming Stick 4K+ and shuffled a couple other Rokus around between sets, thus needing to reconfigure the remotes (multiple remotes in the living room) to match the tvs.  In each case it recognized the tv brand (Samsung on one and JVC on the other) and gave me the option of continuing to set the remote up for that brand or to enter a different brand to search.  Since it recognized my brands, I did not have to try to do the brand search.

Did yours not recognize the set as a Vizio?

Had I not read the full paragraph presented on the screen it would have been easy to miss it and go straight to the brand entry.

Meanwhile, some people have reported success in making the brand search work by temporarily connecting to a different wifi network, like the wfi hotspot on a mobile phone.  After the remote is set up, they could return to their normal network.

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