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new remote/disconnected device


  In moved to a new state, and I forgot my remote back in Texas. However as Id usually misplace it, I'd use the Roku app remote. When I moved here I brought the device but not the remote. I accidentally took the device off the app and spent a good 3 HOURS with scouring the site, videos and the app trying to find a solution on how to get it back and nothing. I have no idea what the SSID is for the old wifi so I cant do that. I also cannot have my old remote shipped to me. I figured, I needed to get a new remote, So I bought one off Amazon and I changed the batteries 3x and the device (roku express) is on, and it shows the home screen on the tv, yet the remote itself isnt moving anything now matter what I do (batteries are fine).

 I need help, reconnecting the device to the app (it shows up non my account but not the app) and recommendations on the remote.

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Re: new remote/disconnected device

Not knowing what you biought from amazon, it could be roku tv IR remote which is udseless on your express. Go to target, walmart, best buy, or the dollar store, get a cheap universal remote that has roku listed. It would control stand alone roku like an express before it worked on roku tv's. Unlike a single device remote that is only for roku tv's, which is probably what you bought. You will have to enter the code for roku brfore it will work your express. 

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Re: new remote/disconnected device

One additional possibility is that you may have purchased a Roku Voice Remote.  This is a point-anywhere remote that controls via radio frequencies (RF) instead of direct line-of-sight infrared (IR).  Unlike IR remotes that are just point and shoot,  RF Voice remotes must first be paired to your Roku before they will work.

Video from Roku re how to pair point-anywhere RF remote:

You may find your Roku is only receptive to the pairing request from the remote for a short period of time after it starts up. Try pulling the power to the Roku for a few seconds then plugging it back in and waiting for it to start up before reinserting the batteries in the remote and pressing the pairing button. 

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Re: new remote/disconnected device

By the way, it's also possible to get a SSID and passphrase for a saved Wi-Fi network on many devices.  I've done it on Android and Windows devices myself.  It's often a little bit hidden since it's assumed you don't want people routinely peeking at Wi-Fi passphrases, but if you search the internet, you can usually turn up a procedure for revealing them.

Of course, I also recommend having a real remote handy.

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