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micro usb cable failed in 3 weeks

I recently purchased a Streaming Stick with voice control and installed it on my TV on 3/4/22. - I know the date because my Roku account shows that is the date that I paired it with my device.   It stopped working.  I discovered that the manner in which I have to plug my streaming stick into my HDMI port, and the location of the micro USB cable placed a stress on the cable plug and it bent and no longer works.  Surely within a month  of equipment purchase and failure I should not have to purchase a new cable for $20 - which is also out of stock!  I have no idea how to contact support because all I see are topics and no way to discuss with a real person.  Any ideas?

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Roku Guru

Re: micro usb cable failed in 3 weeks

You can exchange it from the store you bought it at since it’s within the 30 days. It’s also under warranty for 12 months so Roku will issue you a new one. I own 4 Roku Sticks. But instead of letting the dongle just hang there I strapped it to the power cord of the tv

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